I am a friendly guy who was found in the parking lot at Spenger's Grotto in Berkeley. I am a ball dog, and would LOVE to have a home where my special someone will let my skills shine. Agility, fly ball, Search & Rescue? bring it on! I was just filmed to be in a "working pitbull" video, as a matter of fact! Oh, and, I'm a world-class snuggler.

Other important facts: I'm probably a mix (lab? boxer?), I would like to be an only dog (and please no cats), I am 6-ish, I like kids and they like me, and I am very, very smart.

please contact Home at Last Rescue if you are interested in me!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eddie in action

Kathy Kear took us out to the Berkley marina to show us Eddie's amazing skills. She'd hide the ball in rocks, in trees, in tall grass, and Eddie would find it. Talk about tenacious...he even jumped up in a tree to get the ball. It was awesome to see him jump into the water too...we didn't know if he like water. Well, he does. He's such a fantastic dog...you have to see him in action. He needs someone who will do this kind of activity with him, he was truly in his element.

Photos by Rob McNicholas..the entire set is here, please check them out, they are gorgeous!

sunday morning walk

this morning we went for a walk around the neighborhood. puddin' and I like walking together, and sniffing the same things. i'm a very good boy on leash, and even know to "wait" when puddin' is catching up with me.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

paws as pillow

After some play time, I really mellow out. I like to cuddle, or make a little bed in my favorite chair. This is my "low" speed, and it's darn cute.

scrunchy face

this was taken my first night at my foster house. look at how relaxed i was. and cute.

i know down.

here it is. this is my "down." good, huh?
I know my basic commands. and ones I don't know, with some good treats, I can learn very, very fast. I'm food motivated (and intelligent), so training me is a snap.


i have a funny arrro i do when i'm excited.

i know sit.

look at me sit. this was taken on the first day i met my foster sister. though i get along with dogs, I would like to be your one and only.

chilling out

here i am chilling out with my foster family.

the "slide"

i like this rug. it is fun to slide around on it, on my belly. i do this alot. it's cute.

i am a world-class cuddler

just ask my friend Chelsea. this was the first time we met. we liked each other right away, but then again, everyone likes me right away.

i call this one "arty eddie"